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What does 'Certified Organic' actually mean?

To guarantee that a product is truly organic, it needs to be certified. Many skincare, clothing and food brands have recently jumped on the “organic” bandwagon, associating the word “organic" with a product or brand name when, really, their products continue to include potentially-harmful ingredients.

Where appropriate to the product, our carefully curated collection of brands here on Thistle & Roo have been certified under the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) scheme – one of the most respected and rigorous standards in the world. In order to display the ACO “bud” on products, brands have had to prove that their products contain at least 95% organic ingredients (with the rest coming from natural sources and approved for use in organic formulations). It is also a seal of approval that these products have been made using approved processing methods.

Little Bairn and Aster & Oak are two brands we proudly stock who have obtained this status. Our other brands are all strictly eco, sustainable and ethical. They have proved time and time again that they consider your health, the environment and your families safety as paramount. You can be rest assured when you shop at Thistle & Roo you are buying only premium brands with a conscious.