Customer Offer - Share your buys for TOP FAN Discount codes

Share your gorgeous and conscious buys with us by using #thistleandroofan on your Instagram feed for your chance to win TOP FAN Discount codes to enjoy during your next shop. 

Discount codes available to win, 

  • Free Shipping
  • 10% off discount codes
  • 20% off discount codes
  • 30% off discount codes (typically sent to committed fans who share professional quality images but if we believe your images are gorgeous you'll get this code!)

How do I receive these discounts? 

It's simple, If we love your shared image or multiple images that you share, we will share it on our official page to all our followers AND send you a TOP FAN Discount Code to spend on your next shop. Our top fans who regularly share top quality images at least once a month with the #thistleandroofan will always be rewarded for their love & support. 

Terms of this offer:

To give you a fighting chance of receiving discounts please follow these terms...

  • You must use #thistleandroofan on every image you share with your Thistle & Roo purchases. So we can find you!
  • Images need to be clear and in focus and products must be easy to see. 
  • You can add a short description to your image to let your followers know about your latest buys.
  • Flat lays or shots of little ones or mama's enjoying their buys are all welcome.
  • Please study our Instagram feed to see the quality and styles we like to share. 
  • If we share your image, your images will be fully credited/tagged with your Instagram name.
  • You must be happy with us sharing your images to a wider audience. 
  • Have fun and enjoy being creative and enjoy your discounts! 

We can't wait to check our #thistleandroofan to see your cool images!