Our Top 10 Food Ideas That Picky Little Eaters Will Actually Eat

Everyone knows how frustratingly picky and changeable toddlers can be. Being non-compliant and having very little reasoning capability - it's what toddlers surpass in. One day they can't stop asking for banana's, the very next day they are disgusted at the mere suggestion of said yellow fruit and have a complete meltdown about it. 

Brilliant. And just when you thought she liked that food.

What's a parent to do? How do parents not lose their minds? The important thing to remember is that toddlers like to assert their power, even if that power manifests in refusing to try new foods. It's totally normal. I know, I know, it's annoying and soul-crushing when you've spent ages cooking up a recipe in the kitchen and your child refuses to touch it. Don't sweat it, mama. It's just another testing phase. But for now, it's all about little wins and sneaky tricks to get some nutritional food inside her tummy. 

Consider purchasing some fun and funky tableware as a starting point. It's no secret that kids love cool stuff that belongs to them and appeals to their imagination. We love the Emondo Kids bamboo plates that allow creative dinner times or try some rainbow bright coloured sets by Replay. There's a colour for every toddler mood!

Read on to discover some easy food ideas. We've curated our list of the top 10 foods that picky little toddlers will actually try. And we reckon that's the best aim. The little picky eater needs to be receptive and interested in the food before she will try it. Hint: No mention of kale. Sorry, Kale lovers but we're dealing with a picky kid here, so let's keep it super simple for now. 

1. Homemade Popcorn 

So easy and looks like a fun party treat but is actually packed with fibre and protein. Simply cook the kernels with some coconut oil, sunflower or bran oil with honey or syrup if desired. You can add a tiny pinch of natural flavouring such as cinnamon too. Watch that animated film together and smile at your first win. 

2. Frozen Yoghurt Popsicles 

You can buy these reusable popsicles containers in most shops like Target or Kmart for only a couple of dollars. Just combine a natural probiotic gut-friendly yoghurt and chopped up fruits, like sweet berries. Then allow freezing time. 

3. Fruit Salad Skewer 

If you have a creative flare (and time!) you can chop up watermelon, strawberries, orange and banana into cute shapes and stick on a wooden kid-friendly skewer. Use cookie cutters to create hearts, flowers or whatever shape you have at home. 

4. Eggs

Our go-to food for protein and energy is always eggs. Try a boiled egg with buttered finger toast (simply toast cut into slim rectangles), scrambled eggs or an omelette.

5. Homemade Meatballs

Used minced beef or even minced chicken or turkey. Keep them simple and combine with oil, a little bit of salt and egg in a bowl. Roll into balls and chuck in the tomato-based sauce. Sprinkle with some cheddar cheese. 

Mum, you do know you must have a glass of red wine if you are having meatballs? It's the rules of life and it's pretty healthy for your heart function. 

6. Easy Pizza Muffins

Grab some muffins and cut in half. On each side top with tomato paste, cheese and whatever your little one will actually dig. Don't go too crazy with the topping, simple is often best with toddlers. 

7. Dried Fruits (Raisins, Apricots, Cranberries)

Easy snack and great for fibre but go easy on these or you'll have some nasty bowel movements. Yeah, talking from personal experience here. #mumof4

8. Pasta

What did parents do before pasta? It's a safe bet and with veggies blitzed in a blender with the tomato or cheese base, your little toddler will never know! Genius. 

9. Sandwiches

There's no shame in tuna, cheese, chicken, turkey, ham or vegemite sandwiches...seriously, so long as she eats something! Try to opt for wholemeal or wholegrain bread but you can buy lots of nice loaves of bread these days that look white but are packed full of fibre. Winning!

10. Smoothies

These are a quick and easy drink packed with vitamins, fibre and protein. Simply chuck full-fat milk, yoghurt (get more probiotic in there!) and lots of tasty fruits into a blender. If you think you'll get away with it, sneak in some healthy omega rich seeds to bulk it up.  

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