Caring for Your Bamboo Plate

Thanks to Sharon, the owner & designer of Emondo Kids for this information. 


Maintaining your Bamboo Plate/Board is a quick and easy task that will keep your friends sanitary and looking new, and extend their lives.

The most common question we receive each week at EMONDO Kids is “How do I maintain my plate/board?”, so we’ve put together this short set of instructions to help you out. 

Wash your new friend with soap and warm water. The amount of water and scrubbing is more important than the amount of bubbles created. While soap is necessary, the washing action is what helps in flushing bacteria and food particles off the plate. Towel dry immediately and allow it to relax upright for a while in a well-ventilated area. 

If your little one is starting to stain or smell, you can use lemon juice, baking soda or white vinegar directly on the area. The acid in these liquids will neutralize the organic material or fats causing the problem.

To keep your friend looking its best, pamper it once a month by generously sprinkling coarse salt over the surface, and rub with a sliced lemon. Then rinse well with hot water. (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good pampering session???!)


Put your friend in the dishwasher! You don’t want them to drown. The heat and water will warp and splinter the bamboo. Only plastic, composite or glass boards can go into the dishwasher and we want to stay away from those, especially when it comes to feeding your precious kids!

Dunk or let the board stand in water. The bamboo will absorb water and potentially warp.

Lay the little one flat to dry. If the board dries on one side, it will cause the bamboo to warp, and turn crazy! 

Microwaves are also a no no. Unless you want to zap him in which case … you are mean! 

Depending on how often you use your plates, you should also give them an oiling to help maintain their surface and keep them from drying out. In our house, this happens about once a month but I know some people who do it once or twice a year and others on a weekly basis. 

Before you start, be sure your plates are very clean. I like to give them a scrub with lemon and salt. The plates should also be dry before oiling, so be sure to build that into your timing. The oil should be left to soak in as long as possible, too. Try to apply the oil in the evening before bed and then just give them a quick wipe the next morning to take off any excess oil.
  1. Be sure your plates are as clean as possible and thoroughly dry.
  2. Using a clean, soft cloth or paper towel, apply the oil in an even layer over the bamboo.
  3. Leave the oil to soak in, overnight if possible, or for at least a few hours.
  4. Remove the excess. If the plates feel oily or sticky, buff off any remaining oil with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

Credit: Emondo Kids

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